Formed in 2009, London-based The Marbles Jackson has quietly received glowing reviews, including from BBC Radio 6, for their expansive dream pop and for covering well-established songs and putting innovative and even challenging touches to them, such as The Doors’ “Riders On the Storm” (see the video below). Their music isn’t focused on driving bass lines or pounding electronic beats. There aren’t any elongated guitar solos or howling vocals. Instead, The Marbles Jackson create music that is lush and minimalistic, if not almost dream-like or even fantasy. It’s soothing and contemplative, where each note played on the guitar and keys can be heard and each stutter of the drums resonates clearly. It’s music made for those endearing moments, times of serenity, or maybe a Spike Jonze film.

Last week, they released their first full-length album, Notes to The Dust, ten tracks of stirring, Mazzy Starr-esque, dream pop. From start to end, it is an album that will calm the senses and relax you, so be sure to be sitting down to take in the album. In particular, “Murder Mile Sunshine”, “No More Feeling Like”, and “I Want Never Gets” stand out as breathtaking songs. “Serenity Prayer” is also an outstanding, epic track, as the band applies a bit of The Verve into its dream pop, specifically with respect to the percolating, background vocals midway through the track and the second half becoming a bit of slow burner.

Then there’s the fantastic “All the Best Things”, a romantic, ethereal track that makes you feel like you’re hovering high in the sky or sitting on a bench watching the world go by, much like the video for the song (see below). It’s the one track that really takes you into the world of Terry Kirkbride (voice, drums, guitars, percussion); Naokoko Takahashi (guitars, backing voice, drums); Simon Gwynne (keys, guitar); and Mikey Gibson (bass) – a world where different people, different sounds, and different experiences can be brought together in one harmonious event.

For more information on The Marbles Jackson, follow them on their different social media accounts (see below). Purchase Notes to The Dust at Feline Frequency Recordings and hear it in its entirety on SoundCloud.

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