Suuns has been a band that we’ve been monitoring, as they’re making some of the most innovative music around. Their “experimental rock” can be bone-jarring at times or hypnotic and brooding like on their masterpiece, “2020”. When they announced earlier this year they would be collaborating with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh of Jerusalem In My Heart, who has also created some trippy, innovative music by combining Middle Eastern sounds with electronic, our ears piqued.

Tomorrow, the long-time friends and Montreal-based musicians will release Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart. It’s a seven-track compilation that is surprisingly reserved yet at the same time enthralling. Right from the start, “2amoutu l7tirakan” is a humble, interstellar number. If electronic and experimental rock had slow burners, this would be it. “In Touch” takes a deep house foundation but it’s a lush, mellow tune. “Gazelles in Flight” is the track that sees the two bring together their talents in a brilliant way. It has the spatial sounds that Suuns has developed a reputation for while subtly incorporating Middle Eastern textures. “Leyla”, meanwhile, is a The King of Limbs-era, Radiohead-esque number.

This isn’t to say the album is devoid of rapturous songs. “Metal” is a cataclysmic number. It’s mind-blowing delirious a la “2020”, but aided by Moumneh’s touches and effects to create another layer of texture, bringing almost an ethereal quality to the buzzsaw of instruments. “Seif” is the song that Moumneh has his fingerprints all over. It’s a wonderful, Middle Eastern-inspired tune, but the pace is pulled back thanks to the work of Suuns. The result is a track that edges close to the club scene but is pulled back to be a hypnotic gem. The closer, “3attam Babey”, is a buzzing, electronic-rock tune that will have people spinning in a tizzy as it’s played – from the deep beats to the beauty of Mounmeh’s voice, whose presence adds a spiritual quality to not just the song but the entire album.

Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart is a deep, rich album that requires one’s complete attention. It’s also one that will need to be heard live as the collective attempts to recreate their 2012 sessions when the collaboration first commenced and to hear how the group reinterprets the album. Their live shows, reportedly, do not replay the album note for note, but instead aim to take the album back to the rawness of the initial trials. While this terrific album shows the harmony between two intelligent groups of musicians and the creation of something refreshing, innovative, and immensely stunning, the experience continues when the groups hit the stage, and that will likely be something even more mind-blowing.

Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart will be released on Secretly Canadian. Purchase it at the Secretly Canadian store, iTunes, and Amazon.

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