Secondborn will satisfy your appetite for hard, polished rock the likes of Thrice or even in some songs, 30 Seconds to Mars.

The Lafayette, LA based band  was officially formed in March 2014 and will release their newest EP in June titled SYMBOLS. They completely self produced everything and the result is actually a very tight and compelling harder rock EP.

The guitar heavy band is comprised of Daniel Pinner (vocals), Patrick Trumps (guitar), Stefan Hawkins (guitar), Tim Benson (guitar/synth), Alex Daigle, (bass guitar), Lee Gauthreaux (drums/percussion).

We are sharing their newest single release from Symbols –  When Lions Dream. This track has potential crossover for fans purely rock fans, while some of their older tracks are definitely on the harder side. Check back closer to their official release as we will most likely give a full Symbols EP review.


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