Last month, we got a taste of Italian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Allegra Lusini‘s new EP when she released the lush and beautiful “Something Grows”, a song that was included on the March 20th Weekend Showcase. We hinted at that time what to expect from TULUMNE, which officially arrives today.

The four-track EP is a stunning and ethereal album. For one that is founded on synth-pop principles, the album is surprisingly minimalistic and soothing. The lead and opening track, “Something Grows”, exemplifies Lusini’s low-key approach that harmonizes her soft vocals with the subtlety of the keys and the electric guitar. “Glitter of the Sung” sees Lusini add a bit more bass and pick up the tempo, but the underlying lushness remains. It’s a track reflective of the synth-pop coming out of Sweden.

“Broken Wings” is a key and synth-focused number that echoes of Vancouver’s Bear Mountain, a personal favorite of mine. The final song, “Where Few Have Gone”, is the most minimalist song on the album. Lusini’s vocals are sung in a whisper while the instrumentation is mellow and played at an extremely slower pace. It’s a track where Lusini appears to be challenging the listener to hear all the subtleties of each and every note as oppose to be blown away by a mass array of instruments and sounds. Call it a post-modern approach to music if you will and a clever one at that.

TULUMNE is out today on Amarcord Records. Get it at iTunes, Amazon, and Beatport.

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