We’ve stated here on several times that Sweden is becoming the centre of the dream-pop universe. Countless number of bands are transforming the genre into something that is surreal. There are bands and artists who push the limits to create a much more ethereal, atmospheric sound, like The Amazing and The Land Below. Several indie-folk bands have also incorporated dream pop elements into their music, most notably First Aid Kit and newcomers Brother North and Polar Bear & King to name a few.

Then there’s Malmö native David Alexander – or Summer Heart – who is taking the genre into a different direction. He’s maintaining the lush characteristic of dream pop but adding psychedelic summery and surf-pop vibes, creating either dizzying tracks or song that are warm, smile-inducing. His music, overall, has the same feeling as sunshine breaking through the clouds on a rainy day. Sound preposterous? Well, maybe, until you take a listen to his new EP, Thinkin of U.

The five-track EP is made to ease your mind and to induce involuntary body swaying. The opening track “Sleep” is a stunning number with psychedelic-pop undertones (the video, which is below, is also psychedelic). The melodies of the keys and synth add to the innocence of the song that speaks to new opportunities. The title track, “Thinkin of U”, has an electronic, club-scene feel but it’s ebbed back due to Alexander and his band’s work to not overload the track with beats or to turn up the volume. “The Cross” is a 70s-esque, psychedelic-dream sound with a touch of disco. It’s like the illegitimate child of The Bee Gees and The Byrds, but awesome.

“Beat of Your Heart”, a single featured on our past Weekend Showcase, is a highlight. It’s got a summery feel and captures the essence of what Alexander is trying to achieve. This is a track that should be on every summertime playlist. Retaining that warm, surf-pop feeling is the shoegaze-y “U Got All I’m Looking 4”. Grab your partner’s hand and sway to this poppy tune of youthful love.

Thinkin of U is out now on Swedish indie label Sommarhjärta. Get the EP on iTunes or hear it in its entirety below.

Facebook – Summer Heart
Twitter – @mysummerheart

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