Hannah Curwood is a native of the South Island of New Zealand, but she moved to London to help advance her career as a musician. Under the moniker Hannah in the Wars, she has released a full-length album, an EP, and several singles over the past six years. Now, she along with her bandmates Eloise Healy, Claire Wackrow, Rosemary Toll, Lachlan Radford, and Fiona McMartin will release the self-titled, second full-length. Actually, it comes out today in New Zealand, but it doesn’t hit Europe and North America until May 25 on 99X/10.

The lead single from the album is the gorgeous “Sweet Release”, which echoes of the beauty of Laura Marling and Marissa Nadler. Oh, the group worked with Roger O’Donnell, the keyboardist of one of the most influential bands of the past 40 years – The Cure.

A couple of other tracks from Hannah in the Wars are also below, so that you can hear the haunting beauty of their work.

You can hear “Sweet Release” and nineteen other tracks on the April 17th Edition of The Weekend Showcase.

Hannah in the Wars

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