“Home” is the terrific new single Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s Slow Down Molasses. The quintet are developing a reputation for making scintillating songs thanks to their shoegaze-y approach. This latest number further demonstrates the band’s ability to make soaring, almost anthemic numbers a la Snow Patrol and My Bloody Valentine. This single is from their forthcoming LP, Burnt Black Cars, out May 11, and this could be the band’s huge breakthrough. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Two other tracks from the band are below to get you through the next three weeks plus the video for “Summer Sun”. Slow Down Molasses are Tyson McShane, Jeanette Stewart, Chrix Morin, Levi Soulodre, and Aaron Scholz.

You can hear “Home” on the April 17th Edition of The Weekend Showcase, which includes 19 other cool, new tunes.


Slow Down Molasses

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