Leamington Spa, UK duo Coves have become one of not just my but The Revue’s favorites. Their take on synth-pop is soaring, anthemic, and engrossing, and the music is perfect for whatever mood you’re in. Last fall, they released their fantastic debut Soft Friday, an album that was exhilarating from the very first song to the last. We frequently kept coming back to the album (and still do), resulting in it being one of our favorite albums of 2014.

Beck Wood and John Ridgard are still hard at work, and last week they released a four-track EP, Spectrum, The aptly titled album sees the band expand upon on their roaring synth-pop. The opening and lead single, “Shot To The Wall”, is the grittiest track they’ve done with more of a rock edge. The stupendous “No Looking Back” is a cinematic and atmospheric number. It’s a track that leaves you gasping for a breath as Beck tells the story of a lost soul while Ridgard’s guitar and Beck’s keys brilliantly hover in the background before erupting into the song’s monumental climax.

“Twist” is a mid-tempo track that seems almost subdue for Coves, but it retains the catchy rhythms and melodies of songs on Soft Friday. The album concludes with the excellent “No Ladder”, which was on the duo’s debut. It was one of the few tracks that got overlooked as fans flocked to the scintillating numbers like “Beatings” and “Fall Out of Love”. This song, though, is stunning for his simplicity and restraint, showing that Coves isn’t just a band trying to blow your minds but also attempting to steal your hearts.

The individual songs as well as the full EP are provided to give you options in case you just wanted to hear a single track or the entire album at once. You can download all four tracks for free on Coves’ Bandcamp page.

Website – http://covesband.co.uk/
Facebook – Coves Band
Twitter – @covesband



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