Secret Company are a dedicated foursome out of Chelmsford in the UK. Senior school friends James Patman (guitarist), Kushal Gupta (bassist), and drummer Tim Reyland (drums) all played in various local bands for a while before eventually coming together and snagging frontman Scott Revell and Secret Company was born

They have been together and writing songs since 2011.

They are currently working on their debut EP titled Saviour. We are sharing the track “Holding On” today and a live video session of their title track “Saviour”.

If you dig talented guitar rock with poppy vocal harmonies infused with a bit of synth, Secret Company is for you.

The live version of Saviour is actually quite tight and I will be keeping an eye on these lads. You can purchase the single Savior from i-Tunes.


Facebook: Secret Company

Twitter: @secretcompany2


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