Your typical Revue reader might not quite get why we’d cover Skid Row. However, they’ve recently released an updated version of their biggest hit, with their new singer. Skid Row were always a solid (and dazzling) hard rock band, and they kinda got lumped into the whole “hair metal” thing in the late 80s. However, they’ve been independent road warriors for ages, and they put on a heck of a rock show.

They recently parted ways with their singer Johnny Solinger (who was with the band for 15 years). Their new vocalist is also no stranger to the hard rock world, having spent decades bringing his own unique wail to bands like TNT (criminally underrated in their day). Tony Harnell has been one of the greatest voices in the scene, and he’s learned to control those pipes and show some muscle instead of just metal falsetto.

If you’re not already a fan of either Skid Row or Tony Harnell, this track won’t do much for you. But it’s a great introduction to their new singer, and shows the rest of the band are still tight and powerful.

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