Monks of Mellonwah are an alternative rock/pop outfit hailing from Australia. The band formed in late 2009 in Sydney and include band members Vikram Kaushik (vocals and guitar), Joseph de la Hoyde (lead guitar), Joshua Baissari (drums) and John de la Hoyde (bass).

They have released a few EPs in the past couple of years (Stars are Out, Neurogenesis and Sky & The Dark Night) including a very nice debut album last year titled Turn The People. 

The band has a myriad of influences including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their sound encompasses an upbeat rock/pop vibe with a hint of electronic tones as well.

Monks of Mellonwah are now working on new material and they have a new single. We are sharing their energetic new track titled “Never Been Good”. It has the perfect balance of rock, pop and synth so you just want to hit repeat. With the release of “Never Been Good”, we embrace their evolving sound and we look forward to new material from this band and an upcoming album release sometime later this year. If you want to hit repeat like we do, you can purchase the single on i-Tunes.

They also have a pretty cool video for “Hide Away” we need to share which is from their debut album Turn The People.


Facebook: Monks of Mellonwah

Twitter: @MonksMellonwah
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