“Transparent Eyelids” is the rocking single from Cartesian Jetstream, the UK indie-rock band who earlier this week released their latest album Ancestors (Ballagroove Records). The album is full of psychedelic gems, not just “Transparent Eyelids”, although this song is immensely infectious with its buzzy, spacey, rock sound.

“Foxes” is a dreamy, shoegazey number. “Invisible Ink” is a quirky, fun number that could be a song written by Spike Jonze. “Celebrities” and “Ancestors” have pop undertones, and they’re perfect driving songs with their uptempo beats and catchy choruses. Heck, the entire EP is fun and one that will keep you up regardless of your frame of mind.

All the singles from the EP are below. Take a listen and enjoy!

Alternatively, you can hear “Transparent Eyelids” and 19 other cool tracks on the April 24th Edition of The Weekend Showcase.


Cartesian Jetstream

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