Another band about to launch their debut album is Washington, D.C.’s Shark Week. They’ve released three single so far, including the awesome, melodic, psych-rocker “Why Did I Let You Go?” It blazes with guitars, the harmonies are fantastic, and the chorus is simple yet infectious.

Just a few days ago, they released “Waste of Time”, a track that has traces of the indie-rock from the southern states, in particular Athens, Georgia. “Desire”, another new single, is a blues-rock song with a great story. It could be played in some smokey saloon and wouldn’t be out of place. The two tracks further demonstrate the band’s ability to put together catchy rifts, tight harmonies, and terrific melodies.

Their debut album, Beach Fuzz, comes out May 19 on PaperCup Music.

You can hear “Why Did I Let You Go?” and 19 other cool tracks on the April 24th Edition of The Weekend Showcase.


Shark Week

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