Jon Lawless is a young, hard-working producer from Ontario who goes by the moniker Swim Good. He’s adopted an approach of another producer we’ve come to admire, Guiville, in that instead of creating music with pounding electronic beats, he’s decided to collaborate with singers from all over the world to create some beautiful music. His latest single, “Callaway”, is the perfect example, as he’s teamed up with Dana Williams of Los Angeles. The track is lush and dreamy, where his melodies perfectly complement Williams’ harmonies.

He does sing on occasion and plays instruments, such as on his collaboration with Daniela Andrade, which is below. The young man has an immensely bright future, but can he avoid the pitfalls of creating cookie-cutter songs or will he create innovative, refreshing music? We shall see.

You can hear “Callaway” and 19 other cool tracks on the April 24th Edition of The Weekend Showcase.


Swimgood featuring Dana Williams

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