directed by Gabriel Nesci
Thursday, April 30, 7pm,
River Building Theatre, Carleton University
The 19th Latin American Film Festival
A cash of classic rock cascades from the heavens above and forever changes the lives of four life-long friends. Perhaps a bit romantic, but anyone growing up in the heady days when radio ruled not only the airwaves, but also guided revolutions of political, sexual and personal nature, can surely relate. Apparently Argentina was not immune from the big question of the day: the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? This wonderful little slice of crossroads life is told through a Beatles cover band dictator, a romantic DJ, a closet composer cemetery man, and a tone deaf filmmaker. They are connected by their infatuation with album rock, and relationship quandries. Nothing new here, but as buddy-buddy-buddy-buddy stories go, this one has a lot of heart, some great laughs, and charm enough to make two hours go zipping along. Fun.

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