You need to really bring it for the Tuesday night crowd. They’re hard core!

Danko Jones returned to the Capital Tuesday night, and he brought the rock to Mavericks. He always brings the rock! When you go to a Danko Jones concert, there are no surprises – you’re going to get a solid Rock and Roll performance with the and cranking out rock you know and love.

Danko Jones peppered the evening with entertaining banter and repartee with an appreciative audience. A particularly colourful exchange occurred when he started commenting on the band names that seem to frequent the club and then had to explain to an overzealous fan the differences between Satan’s Ballsack and Satan’s Balls. Two totally different bands.

Danko Jones is entertaining on so many levels!

Danko Jones new album, Fire Music is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The setlist

Enjoy the photos.

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DSC_5893 DSC_5901

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