We’ve long been impressed by the diverse music scene of Australia. Whether it’s rock, pop, roots, blues, electro-pop, synth-pop, or folk. The land Down Under is a music-making factory. The next up is Boats, the project of Melbourne-based Blake Paterson. His speciality is dream-folk akin to the great music of Sweden’s The Tallest Man on Earth and Wisconsin’s Bon Iver.

Last month, he released Release, a six-track EP filled with music that eases the mind but has you recalling moments of the past and the present. “Shallows” highlights the EP with its haunting and dense allure, and it best depicts Paterson’s own brilliance.

The entire EP can be heard on SoundCloud, and it is provided below.

“Shallows” is included on the May 1st Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the world.



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