On May 5th Cody Allen will be releasing a new EP called ‘Ignite’ at Irene’s Pub in Ottawa. Recorded at Audio Valley Studios with Steve Foley, Allen branches away from his traditional country/folk sound with a more alt-country/pop feel, creating the best album he’s written within his 9 year published career. ‘Ignite’ is a collection of stories about courage, perseverance and the strength to prevail upon life’s hardships. A perfect example of this comes from the album’s fourth track ‘Fire’ “I was born to fight, I won’t let you die. Throw your fears into the burning fire.”  

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a technical music reviewer. I review music based on how it makes me feel. The first time I heard ‘No Need To Worry’ my eyes glistened with tears. Having lost two very special people in my life recently, Allen’s lyrics soothed my sad heart and has helped me cope with the loss. Allen’s lyrics are not only relatable, they create emotions that make the songs personal for each listener.

Take a listen to album’s single, ‘Rush of Blood’ and enjoy the sounds of a talented singer-songwriter who has a promising career ahead of him.

Cody Allen will be at Irene’s Pub on Saturday, May 2nd with dirty indie rockers Miss Polygamy.

More reviews of ‘Ignite’:

“The wonderful flavours of this themed effort genre hop between energetic rootsy tones of alternative rock and folk, with hints of country. [‘Ignite’] is full of textures of bright and winding melodies, warm and changing rhythms, and layers of acoustic and electric instruments, which draw the listener in immediately.” – Terry Steeves

“The themes of the album are painted against a backdrop great musicality, rooted in tradition of folk, country and Canadian rock, which will certainly sound rich and compelling live.” – Christine Séguin, Couch Assassin

Connect with Cody Allen: www.codyallen.net | F: CodyAllenBand | T: CodyAllenMusic



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