More than a year ago, we were introduced to a little band from Costa Rica called CoLoRnOiSe. At the time, the band was a two-piece, consisting of Sonya Carmona (lead vocals/guitar) and Alison Alvarado (drums/vocals). They made noise-rock that could be cathartic or gloomy a la The Pack A.D. and Le Butcherette, as evidenced on their sophomore album Polychronic (a couple of tracks are below).

They’ve now added Mari Navarro to add another texture and layer to their music, and as a result the band’s sound has changed. On “Amalie”, CoLoRnOiSe have created a shoegaze-y,  dream pop-rock track. It is hypnotic. The song is the first from their forthcoming EP, which is due out later this year.

Take a listen to “Amalie” on the May 1st Edition of the Weekend Showcase.



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