Putting a modern spin on the grunge and alternative rock of the ’90s is Santa Barbara, California indie band FMLYBND. Recalling the sounds of bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pilots, the quartet add a few more layers, such as shoegaze and even touches of keys and synths as needed. “Save Me From Myself” exemplifies the combination, and the results are electrifying.

But the band can also head more in an ’80s alternative direction, taking the approach and sounds of bands like Depeche Mode and adding renewed vigor and flair to them, as demonstrated on “Letting Go”. Or they could head more into a shoegaze-y, pop-rock approach, like on “Air”. Both tracks are below.

All three tracks can be downloaded for free on SoundCloud (click on the audio files to be taken to the SoundCloud page). Or, hear “Save Me From Myself” on the May 1st Edition of the Weekend Showcase.



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