Instead of us writing about Love X Stereo, we’ll let Annie from the band do the talking:

“We’re an electro-rock duo from Seoul, Korea, and our music is heavily influenced by the ’90s. There are a lot of bands here in Korea doing music that has nothing to do with K-Pop at all. We’re kinda the underdogs here.”

With a sound that reminds us of Coves and Young Romance, two of our favourites, Love X Stereo will soon shed the underdog status. They released a 7-track EP earlier this year, We Love We Leave Pt. 1, which you can hear in its entirety on SoundCloud or purchase on Bandcamp. A couple of tracks from the album are below.

Alternatively, hear “We Love We Leave” along with 21 other songs on the May 1st Edition of the Weekend Showcase.



Love X Stereo

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