The Black Sheep Inn is a small venue and it’s layout encourages what is usually a very intimate show between performer and audience. It almost feels like they are performing in your living room. Sean McCann‘s performance was no exception and in fact was even more so. Sean McCann has been very open about some of the problems he has been dealing with, one of which being alcoholism. He talked about the difficulty of dealing with this illness while also being a member of one of the biggest party bands in the country. For those who don’t know, Sean McCann spent twenty years touring the country with Great Big Sea, one of Canada’s most popular bands.

Sean McCann’s solo music is very different. The songs, and stories tend to be much more personal and intimate. For example, one such song, The Reply (The Ballad Of John And Mary)” talks about the long-lasting love affair between his grandparents and it’s difficult to hear it, especially sung live and not be touched. It truly is a joy to see Sean McCann live, and at the Black Sheep Inn he can interact directly with his fans like he never could at a show with 10,000 people. He took time out to acknowledge and dedicate a song to fans celebrating an anniversary. He also dedicated a song to a fan who introduced Great Big Sea to the internet by creating their web site.

For over twenty years Sean McCann has been a part of my life through the music of Great Big Sea, and I have followed him on his solo career since the very beginning as this was already my fourth time seeing him live. He also mentioned that he is planning to move to Ottawa to escape the cold (don’t ask questions) of Newfoundland. If this could result in more opportunities of seeing Sean McCann live it is great news for us!

You can buy his music directly from his website.

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