Sometimes, it’s probably best to let a young artist describe the genesis of a song, especially a song as touching “Collide”, from as London-based artist Bela Takes Chase.

I’m extremely proud of this song. It combines my love of electronic music with real bass, drums, piano and guitar. I was listening to Phil Spector and early Simon and Garfunkel as well as Beach House and Youth Lagoon, so there may be flavours from all of those in there.

I’ve also made what I hope is an evocative video for the song, based around Albert Lamorisse’s Oscar winning 1956 homage to Paris “The Red Balloon”, which I hope you’ll enjoy watching

Not only do we enjoy the video, but we’re really digging the song. And to get another taste of Bela’s sound, we’ve included the lovely “Radiate” below.

Check out the May 8th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, where you can find “Collide” and 20 other new songs from around the globe.

Bela Takes Chase

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