With a sound that will melt people’s hearts and a style like Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Sam Smith, UK’s Cape Cub has a chance to be a star. Whereas these two singers can overwhelm with their vocals, Cape Cub opts to bowl the listener over with lush melodies and quiet but stunning harmonies. It’s music that moves the soul and the mind.

His approach resulted in his debut single, “Lantern”, receiving significant attention not just via the internet but also satellite radio. He’s followed up that hit with the equally stunning, “Swim”. It’s a minimalist song, where all that is heard are the strums of an electronic guitar, the faint echo of a keyboard, and Cape Cub’s voice. Terrific!

You can also take a listen to “Swim” on the May 8th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which has 20 other songs to form our weekly playlist of new music from around the world.


Cape Cub

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