Daniel March is a songwriter from Australia and he is currently making very soulful and heartfelt songs. He is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and draws inspiration from artists such as Michael Jackson, Babyface and Ben Harper.  I would almost classify him as an R&B version of Eric Clapton. There is a bit of throwback to his sound but it’s still fresh for today and he is very talented on guitar.

He recently released the track Nina which will also be the title of his upcoming EP and we asked the up and coming artist a few questions so you can get to know him a little bit better. Based on his talent alone, we expect for others to hear more about Daniel March in the future.

Here is our quick Q&A with Daniel, who offered up some great answers.

With such a great fusion of sounds in your music, was there any particular moment growing up where you knew that being a musician was your calling?

– Well in a sense YES. I knew it was what I was going to be doing since as young as I can remember. I grew up thinking everyone felt music and was interested in music and heard music the way I did haha. I knew I wanted to write when I first heard 2pac like maybe in 1994. I started writing around 1996/97 when I was 10. But strictly on a musical level. Teddy Riley (mainly his work with MJ) made me feel music from such an early age (around 5). I still channel that dude when I pick up a bass. But that whole new Jack Swing period/sound just called to me when I was about 12. When I was 17 in 2003 was when I had that “this is what I wanna do, and leave a legacy, imprint on the world with” moment. It was easy for me, I never had that “what is my purpose” moment in life, I knew I was going to do music.

Were you self taught or did you have a musical mentor to guide you through learning all of the instruments you currently play?

– Everyone I listen to is a mentor – Prince, Clapton, Hendrix, Van Hunt. But yes, I guess I am what people would call “self taught”. I’ve had vocal lessons to learn how to breathe correctly etc, and ironically I think my vocals are my weakest instrument, keys, bass, guitar and songwriting – I dont do the lesson thing. I think your ears are the greatest teacher that you can have, music is audible, not primarily visual or intellectual.

With your plan to move to London soon, are you hoping to make a larger impact in the UK versus staying in Australia?

– I just want to be fruitful wherever I go. Musically, I do have goals and dreams and plans, but I just wanna spread love, spread my gift and make music, then I’ll die a happy man. But I also understand that London is a bigger musical empire, so to speak, so it will inevitably have a lot to offer, and I’m definitely out to try and make the most of my time, it inspires me thinking of Hendrix, the Stones, The Beatles etc.

What is your definition of success as an artist?

– It is cliche’ to say this, but if you are doing what you want to do and what you love artistically and musically then, you’re a success already, and I’ve only had that mentality for about 4 years. The pressure of dreams can be the killer of dreams – what balances me out and keeps me focused and sober on success is knowing where my gift comes from and knowing it is for a greater purpose, it is a gift I need to share. It’s not about me, it’s from God and should used to bless others, that is the only reason I do music. Thought about quitting a thousand times, even last year.

What goals for your career do you have in the next year?

– I never want a day job, so my immediate goal is to be living in London making music and living off music. After I release the Nina EP, I plan to release another EP of my material sung by other singers, and get into more writing with other people from the UK/EU side. I’m not sure if it’s a goal for next year or the near future but I’d love to work with Van Hunt and Jeremy Most. that would be a trip. OH Andy Platts from Mama’s Gun – I’d love to connect with him and create some music whilst I’m in the UK.

If you dig Daniel’s new track “Nina”, check out some of his previous work over on you tube and keep an eye out for his upcoming EP. You can purchase the track “Nina” over on Bandcamp

Facebook: Daniel March

Twitter: @DMarchSounds

You Tube: Daniel March

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