Brooklyn singer-songwriter Gabrielle Smith goes by the name Eskimeaux.  The name comes from her heritage as part Tlingit, and her desire to represent the complexity of her music by using a –eaux to make a simple “O”.  On Tuesday, Eskimeaux released O.K., a collection of diverse, complex, and vulnerable music that combine to make a fantastic record on Double Double Whammy Records.

If you’ve only heard the lead singles from O.K., the first track, “Folly” may be a bit of a surprise. It’s an awesome track with electronic drums alternating with a more traditional sound, with some truly stunning harmonies and great distorted guitar. One of the early singles was the catchy song about friendship, “Broken Necks”.  Eskimeaux’s ability to construct a great track is shown off on “I Admit I’m Scared”, a drum led track with an incredible build to a big ending. “The Thunder Answered Back” is another huge sounding track with a beautiful intro and a pretty awesome chorus of vocalists at the end. Despite its lighthearted name, “Pocket Full Of Posies” is a heavy feeling track, with a vibe to it similar to “You Know Me Well” by Sharon Van Etten.

Smith’s voice throughout is really inviting, and has a myriad of different feels to it.  She can get a little aggressive at times, but is usually almost at a whisper, and backed by gorgeous harmonies, especially on “Sparrow”.  “Alone At The Party” is a catchy rock and roller of a track, but it’s also about being a loner at a party, a feeling many people can definitely relate to.  “Thanks” is another track where Smith’s voice is a soothing whisper.  That leads into the great build of “A Hug Too Long” with its driving bass line.  The album comes to a close with two amazing tracks, the breathraking, atmospheric electronic build of “Everything You Love”, and the beautiful fragileness of the closer “That’s O.K.”

Smith really created an incredible record with O.K. There is a lot to this record, from the beautiful harmonies to the standout drum work, there’s so much to enjoy on O.K.

order O.K. on Eskimeaux’s bandcamp, and connect with Eskimeaux on TwitterTumblr, and Facebook.



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