With the dazzling harmonies of Craft Spells, the lush approach of Wild Nothing, and the beauty and grace of The Cure‘s tender ballads, Ryan Santos Phillips’ project as Spirits of Leo is something to truly behold. His debut EP, Yearning, is gorgeous dream pop with an ’80s flair. To pick one song from the collection of five songs would be an injustice to this excellent album, but for the purposes of our Showcase we chose the atmospheric “Where You Stand”.

That said, you can hear the entire EP below. Get it also on Bandcamp. The EP is simply stunning.

Ryan Santos Phillips is suppoted by Justin Nguyen (guitar), Casey Colby (bass), Gabe (drums), and Anthony Killian (synth).

You can also hear “Where You Stand” on the May 15th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, our weekly playlist of 20 singles from around the world.



Spirits of Leo

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