Sweden is mostly known for its dream-folk and dream-pop bands, but it has a great rock scene. One of the bands emerging from Stockholm’s diverse music scene is The Presolar Sands, who are comprised of Jessica Mengarelli, Wilhelm Tengdahl, Charlotta Paulin and Micke Pettersson. The band formed in 2014, but each member had previously performed in other bands or in solo projects.

Two months ago, the band recorded their first single, the psychedelic gem “Voodoo Ritual” that echoes of the scintillating music of Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips. They’ve also release an Andrew WK-esque, which is below.

The Presolar Sands have signed with Stockholm label Lazy Octopus Records, so expect an album out soon-ish

“Voodoo Ritual” is part of the May 15th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, our weekly playlist of 20 singles from around the world.



The Polar Sands

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