Musical partnerships are often born at an early age, usually around high school or college. For Verena Ward and Maral Sahraei, the two became close friends in high school thanks in large part to their love of music, namely the likes of Hellogoodbye, San Cisco, Vampire Weekend, Tegan & Sara, and Grouplove. However, the two have different styles – Ward endeavors to create acoustic-electronic music while Sahraei is a pop music fan. Despite their different interests, they’ve blended the various styles to create their own brand of of indie pop / electro-pop under the name Ward & Sahraei.

Over the past year or so, the young ladies from Rotterdam, Netherlands have released a handful of tracks and covers, including their latest single “Anyway”. It’s a mid-tempo, lush tune that sounds like a song that Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire might be perform. It also echoes of the electro-pop of Canadian rising star Lowell.

Also below is “Sights (Summer Nights)”, which the duo released late in 2014.

Hear “Anyway” on the May 15th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which also has 19 other awesome singles from around the world.


Ward & Sahraei

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