While WindfallFound, the young collective from St. Catharine’s, Ontario, previously created melodic indie rock on their debut LP, Views of the Day and Night Sky (SoundCloud stream), their last song sees a change in direction. “Soaring (Pulling for the Heavens Pt. 1)” is a stirring, instrumental shoegaze track. It is lush and atmospheric, calmly sweeping your mind to a different place. Or as the sextet describe it:

We envision “Soaring (Pulling For The Heavens Pt. 1)” as a story about ambition and new frontiers. It’s a continuation of our desire to unite imagination and ingenuity; to see dreams as the beginnings of realities.
It’s hopeful and exciting because we are hopeful and excited.

This track also us excited about what’s next for this young band. The video below underscores the possibilities the band envisions to come.

You can hear “Soaring (Pulling for the Heavens Pt. 1)” on the May 15th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which also has 19 other great tracks.



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