Yonder is one of Seattle’s many hidden gems. Their shoegaze-y, guitar-driven indie-rock has a familiarity to it, but it’s deliriously catchy. The lead and title track of their upcoming EP, “Harborview” (indie rock), is a terrific, midtempo number that comes close to going overboard but it never goes over the edge. The trio of Nick Cappelletti, Chris Reisinger, and Jeff Taylor do a fabulous job of reining in the track to make scintillate instead of blowing one’s ears off.

Another single from the EP is “Ground Themes”, which is below. You can download both tracks for free by clicking on the SoundCloud audio.

“Harborview” is also part of the May 15th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, our weekly playlist of 20 singles from around the globe.



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