Remember the name Liza Odachowski – or better known by her stage name Liza Anne – the young singer-songwriter currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Last year, she released her splendid debut album, The Colder Months, which was etched in minimalist indie folk and alt-country. Tomorrow, she’s set to unveil her even more stunning new album, Two.

While her sophomore album builds on the indie-folk foundations of her first album, Two is more lush and dreamier than its predecessor, and this is evident immediately from the start. Very few albums, let alone songs, emote the expression “Damn!”  after hearing the first few notes, but the opening song “Lost” will illicit such a response. A pensive, contemplative track, “Lost” exudes with the haunting splendor of New Zealand’s French for Rabbits and the UK’s This Is The Kit, and it sets the table for the entire album.

“Northern Wind” follows, a delicate yet gritty folk-rock tune that subtly builds. “Take It Back” bridges the calmness of French for Rabbits, the dark beauty of Daughter‘s pulsating music, and Lorde‘s honesty. With a fantastic bass line and timely, electrifying guitar work during the song’s climax, Liza Anne calls out to a loved for an apology and the offerings of a second chance.

“Low Tide” is a melodic, lush track, where the music and melodies perfectly complement the romantic and even lustful lyrics. Liza Anne’s voice is purposely shallow, as she whispers pleasantries with her lover and how the love creates a calmness, a serenity like water during a low tide. The enchanting “Room”, the first single from her new album, is serene and emotive. Underneath the gorgeous melodies is a grittiness and a hurtfulness. It recalls TORRES‘ splendid debut album in the emotions that Liza Anne espouses with each word.

“Overnight” is the most stripped-back single on the album and one that most closely resembles her debut. Liza Anne channels Sharon Van Etten from the vivid and poignant songwriting to the moods she’s able to create simply with her voice and the slow, methodical playing of each note on the guitar, drums, and bass. The last line sums up the song perfectly, “But I love you and I’m scared of it”. The closer, “Ocean”, meanwhile, is a piano-driven ballad with the sounds of London’s underground tube heard in the background, which adds another layer to depict the vast divide that exists between a couple as the result of their chaotic surroundings.

But Two is anything but a gulf. It is engaging and dynamic, and one that gets better with each listen. It is an album that sees a young singer and songwriter bare her soul but in the process discover her niche. And for us, we get the opportunity to watch Liza Odachowski grow.

Two is available on iTunes and Amazon. Get this great album, among the best of 2015.

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