It was only a few weeks ago when we were introduced to Matthew Brue’s project as Missio, and he amazed us with “I’ve Lost My Way”, the second single from his debut, self-titled EP. Last Friday, Brue officially dropped Missio, containing five gorgeous, ambient-electronic songs. And as we mentioned 2.5 half weeks ago, the EP further demonstrates the Austin resident’s ability to create music that is breathtaking and makes your heart skip a beat. It is simply mesmerizing, drawing the listener with each passing minute of the cinematic nature of each of his songs.

Brue’s success lies in his ability to create lush, gorgeous, and expansive soundscapes. He achieves this through subtly mixing in different textures and sounds. In addition, the themes of lost, forgiveness, and redemption reverberate throughout the album’s five songs, creating sometimes a hallowing feel even though the songs are not necessarily religious nor create a euphoric feel. This is best evidenced on “I’ve Lost My Way”, which blends strings with synths, an electronic drum kit, and keys. The song, stylistically, takes its calling from M83’s early works. “Missio Dei” with its tinges of the organ could also gives the sense of a higher calling while “Who Do I Think I Am?” and “I Run to You” could be interpreted as songs that are apologetic and sorrowful. The album finishes with “Monsters” which is more of a Beauty and The Beast theme, where underneath a person there is a better side.

Get Missio on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. Stream the entire EP on SoundCloud or hear the individual tracks below. Discover the emerging musician whose ceiling is limitless.

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