If we did a list of favorite EPs, Baby Copperhead‘s Strings for Color would likely be on it. Reminiscent of the musical beauty and the imaginative storytelling of Andrew Bird, each of the four songs are absolutely stunning – from the quick finger picking and hasten pace on “Hounded Hills” to the melodic and sublime undertones of “Captain Noel” to the lush and dreamy arrangements on “The Bee Song”.

The record comes to a fantastic close with “Some Are Wise”. Soft and elegant at first with just the strings of the acoustic guitar, Baby Copperhead’s voice quaintly comes in. The song sounds like a lullaby you would whisper to your child at night, yet at the same time it has the gentle beauty to end the romantic night with a loved one. The song also showcases the ability of the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter to create stirring, atmospheric music with traditional instruments and a classical arrangement.

Baby Copperhead is the project of Brooklyn resident Benjamin Lee, who was first brought to our attention by our friend Zachary Cale’s Artiste 5 list. His terrific EP can be purchased and listened entirely in full on Bandcamp.

You can also find “Some Are Wise” on the May 22nd Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of 20 new songs from around the world.


Baby Copperhead

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