On Tuesday, Washington, D.C.-based band Drop Electric will release their new album, Lost in Decay. The band has released several singles in advance of the record’s official release, including the shoegaze euphoria of “Flee The Circus”. In addition, they’ve shared the brilliant, cinematic art-rock song, “Tread Lightly”.

Their music is absolutely stunning. It melds the various scenes in and around the D.C. area, such as a cataclysmic synth-pop of Baltimore to the garage-rock found within the D.C. city limits. Unfortunately, the future of the band remains up in the air, as frontwoman Kristina Reznikov has left the band.

In the meantime, enjoy Drop Electric while you can. Their album can be purchased on iTunes starting Tuesday, May 26.

“Flee The Circus” can also be found on the May 22nd Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of new music from around the world.


Drop Electric

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