Another band demonstrating that Sweden is more than just filled with great synth-/dream-pop and indie-folk acts is Magic Potion. The Stockholm-based band makes catchy and quirky jangly indie rock / slacker pop that recalls indie stars King Tuff and Mac DeMarco. Take “Boored”, for instance, which has a summery, lo-fi, surf-rock vibe. Even the lyrics allude to bright sunshine, but like so many people today they are still bored.

Also below is “Deep Web”. Both singles will be on Magic Potion’s forthcoming EP, Melt, which will be released on June 1st by Stockholm label PNKSLM and London label Beech Coma. Pre-order the EP at Beech Coma.

You can also bounce around to “Boored” and 19 other singles on the May 22nd Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of new music from around the world.


Magic Potion

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