Despite the concrete and the chaos, Brooklyn and New York City have always drew people in for its eccentric and eclectic neighborhoods and people, the diverse cultures that reside in small confines, and, of course, the music. Sorcha Richardson is another person who has made the Big Apple home. The native of Dublin, Ireland moved to NYC to study, but five years later she finds herself a resident and completely immersed into the City’s indie and electronic music scenes. Two years ago, she released her debut EP, Sleep With Set Me Free, a bedroom-recording of mostly indie-folk songs (listen to it here). That was followed up by the lush three-song project The Last Train (listen here).

She now returns with a new song – the ethereal and gorgeous synth-pop “Petrol Station” that has touches of Grimes and another NYC-based artist, Blonde Maze. The single is enticing and entrancing. While the song represents a departure from her solo EPs, it builds on her collaboration with the group CON VOS, who blended synth-pop, electronic, and hip hop (here their EP here).

“Petrol Station” will be released under a split single under the same name. Look for it on Tuesday, May 26.

You can also hear “Petrol Station” and 19 other singles on the May 22nd Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of new music from around the world.


Sorcha Richardson by Matthew Zach Kelly

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