For nearly the past four years, Axel Flovent has quietly been writing and releasing music from the remote town of Húsavík in Iceland. His sound isn’t quite the music we’ve come to associate with the little Scandinavian country. It is the dramatic and euphoric Americana of Of Monsters and Men nor is it the bone-chilling, post-rock of Sigur Ròs. It also isn’t in the same area as Björk (then again, who is?). Instead, Flovent writes dreamy, indie-folk. His sound and approach isn’t far off from the likes of Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes as well as some of the great folk coming from New Zealand (Tiny Ruins, French for Rabbits), where Flovent is creating music that sounds intimate and personal yet is startlingly haunting.

His latest effort, Forest Fires, contains four lush and gorgeous songs, each demonstrating Flovent’s skill to create atmospheric sounds with simple and subtle arrangements. But what really stands out is Flovent’s voice – it has a hallowing quality, as it rises above all the instrumentation. His voice is almost angelic on the warm and meditative title track, which opens the album. On “Dancers”, Flovent takes a slightly more upbeat approach, creating a sound that is graceful and moving. The melodies are terrific, replicating the movements one would expect to see a ballerina stride to.

“Beach” is a subdue track that still rises high during the crescendoes. It is a heart-breaking song with the beach symbolizing how love can consume us yet suddenly be washed away in an instant. “Nightlife” echoes of the delicate beauty that Justin Vernon has mastered, using the piano as the base to create a breathtaking mood while Flovent’s voice carries the song. It’s a brilliant piece of simplicity.

The entire EP, for that matter, isn’t full of complex arrangements nor includes a plethora of instruments. Instead, Flovent takes a minimalist approach, yet the results are stunning. It’s a testament to his talent and the beauty of this terrific EP.

The EP can be heard in full on Trellis Music. At this time, it’s only available for public purchase for UK residents, who can get it on iTunes.

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Twitter – @AxelFlovent


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