I know some people prefer Spotify, Google Play, or even streaming stuff through YouTube, but SoundCloud is my choice because of the variety of music that’s available and the algorithm that site uses to suggest new music is usually spot on. Exhibit A is today’s Hidden Gem – Fleabite.

Fleabite was originally created by three young women – Ali, Vicky, and Chelsea – from Boston, Massachusetts, all of whom played in other bands, but Fleabite presented an opportunity for them to collaborate. They took some of their side, jam sessions and recorded them last year, culminating in TTYL, which was released in April. The four-track, 7″ EP is filled with catchy, fuzzy, 90s-era indie rock. It beckons of acts like Le Butcherette, The History of Apple Pie, and even a touch of the grizzled version of Liz Phair.

The band has changed since TTYL‘s recording. Vicky, the drummer, moved to Olympia, Washington. Ali and Chelsea remain in Boston, but they’ve recruited two musicians – Joe and Jade of NYC’s Aye Nako – to join them. Joe has taken over as the band’s drummer while Jade’s addition as the second guitar gives the band a fuller sound. Ali and Chelsea, meanwhile, keep busy by performing with BAD BOYS.

You can purchase TTYL on Bandcamp.

Tumblr – fleabitema.tumblr.com
Facebook – Fleabite


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