We have been fans of LA based Indie Pop duo Freedom Fry since February of this year and they just continue to create upbeat and catchy songs.

They have just released the track “21” which is about feeling high on all the possibilities of a life that lies ahead. It’s about celebrating the time we’re alive with the encouraging lyrics “we’ve got light even in the darkness”. We are hoping for sunshine and warmer weather down here in Texas (please no more rain), so as soon as it gets hot, this track will be added to my summer playlist.

Freedom Fry (Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll) began collaborating in 2011 and just continue to hone their skills of producing 60s era vibes with an airy yet modern sound for today.

Another cool thing about this track is that  the audiences at the band’s residency at The Echo in LA provided the claps, group vocals and some pretty awesome screaming around 2:31 to complete this addicting new track.

Freedom Fry





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