The 2010s could be considered the decade that saw the resurrection of shoegaze with the numerous bands across multiple genres incorporating the dreamy sounds that first emerged in the late 1980s. Another band making delicious shoegaze is Dear Tracks, who hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan. In February, they released a double-sided EP (or split single) called WildFlower. On side was the Real Estate-esque “Connectivity” and the other side contained the gorgeous title track. With its lush sound, “Wildflower” is dream-pop personified – a melodic tone played a midtempo pace, you can’t help but be mesmerized.

Dear Tracks are Matt Messore, Victoria Ovenden, Jacob Juodawlkis, and Alex Militello. Their EP can be purchased on Bandcamp.

You can also hear “Wildflower” on the May 29th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of 21 new songs from bands that reside in Malaysia to Australia to New Zealand to the US to Canada to the UK to Italy to Sweden.


Dear Tracks

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