We guess you can always go home, as Milwaukee quartet Jaill can attest. Six years since they released their debut full-length on Burger Records, Jaill signed with Sub Pop to release their next two albums. But for album #4, they’ve returned to Burger Records to release Brain Cream. The lead single from the LP is “Got an F”, which retains the band’s prototypical surf-rock sound, although this track is much more jangly, bouncy, and poppy. It’s a track made for the end of the school year, bot literally and musically. For newcomers to the band, they’re a cross between Dan Bejar (Destroyer, The New Pornographers) and Canadian indie-rockers Sloan.

Brain Cream comes out June 30. If you want to hear previous singles from Jaill, click here.

“Got an F” is one of 21 singles featured on the May 29th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of new songs from bands across the globe.





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