Not all bands from New Zealand are immersed into the folk scene. Take duo Joseph & Maia, who have been influenced by the alt-country of such notable stars such as Ryan Adams but whose sound is reminiscent of Australian greats The Middle East.

In 2013, they released their debut EP via Sony Music New Zealand, Roll Up Your Sleeves. Joseph & Maia followed this up with their debut full-length, Sorrento, which they independently shared last month. From the record is the terrific title track, which has a breezy, calming, but optimistic sound. It’s a single that you would expect to hear Ryan Adams write these days.

The entire album stays true to the alt-country you would find in the US. It has a touch of twang at times, but not too much, yet it is also romantic and laid back. In listening to “Sleep”, you might be taken back to the lush harmonies that The Civil Wars once shared.

Sorrento is available now and can be purchased on iTunes. Alternatively, listen to Joseph & Maia’s sophomore album in its entirety on SoundCloud (although a couple of select tracks are below).

You can also find “Sorrento” on the May 29th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of 21 new songs from band across the globe.


Joseph & Maia

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