From the beautiful and inspiring city of Rome, Italy comes La casa al mare, who fittingly play celestial shoegaze, indie rock. Earlier this month, they released their debut record, Astro, which is a 6-track #EP of fuzzy guitars and dreamy melodies. The album resonates with the sounds of My Bloody Valentine, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Ride. The EP is highlighted by the cinematic and atmospheric “I Don’t Want To”, which opens the album. It’s a song that Anthony Gonzalez (M83) might write if he picked up the guitar and went for a fuzz effect.

The entire EP, though, isn’t full of fuzz. “Tonight or Never” is a melodic, gentle track yet still maintaining the dreamy sound. “Sunflowers” leans more towards ’80s-inspired indie rock. You can hear both of these tracks below.

La casa al mare are Alessio Pindinelli, Marco Poloni, and Paolo Miceli. Their EP is available on Bandcamp or it in its entirety on SoundCloud.

“I Don’t Want To” is one of 21 songs on the May 29th Edition of the Weekend Showcase. Take a listen and discover some new bands.


La casa al mare

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