Who is Nottee? Not too much is known about her other than she’s an artist from Sweden who dazzled the online music community in 2010 with a couple of singles, “Control” and “Young Modern Life”. That caught the attention of Sony Music Sweden, who released her debut album, Side by Side, in 2014. The record was filed with 10 electronic-pop songs made for clubs and dance halls.

Nottee returns with a new, self-produced album. With no big label behind her, she slows things down and enchants with “Do You Love Me”. The stuttering beats provides a sense of yearning, as Nottee delicate voice innocently calls for a departed loved one. It is the sound of a young heart breaking.

The single has been released by terrific Swedish label Emotion. It can be purchased on iTunes (EU / UK / US / CAN).

You can hear “Do You Love Me” on the May 29th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of 21 new singles from around the world.



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