Philadelphia electro-pop group, Work Drugs, have released the fourth single from their forthcoming new album, Louisa. “Hey Nineteen” continues Work Drug‘s ’80s-inspired pop music that was heard on the earlier singles, including the infectious “Billie Jean”. The new single demonstrates Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana’s ability to take something familiar and bring a modern edge, as the synths are turned down in order to allow the melodies and harmonies to soar.

With each new single, a theme is emerging. Besides the ’80s sound, the song titles are direct or indirect references to popular songs of that decade. “Billie Jean” is obvious, but “Hey Nineteen” comes from Steely Dan’s popular Gaucho. “Chase the Night” borrows from The Ramones’ “Chasing the Night” (although the only it shares is the name). The name of the album, well, there must be an ’80s reference somewhere besides it referring to Benjamin’s last name.

Louisa is expected to be released on June 21st via Bobby Cahnan Records. You can download “Hey Nineteen” and “Billie Jean” for free by clicking on the SoundCloud audio files.

You can listen to “Hey Nineteen” and 20 other great tracks on the May 29th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a playlist of new music from around the world.


Work Drugs

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