hd hausmann – “In Our Wake”

Hd hausmann just keeps us guessing – every few months or so a new track appears on SoundCloud. This time the song is posted by DVMP or Danger Village Music Publishing which just started posting and reposting songs on their SoundCloud account in the past few days.

“In Our Wake” starts off acoustic based with a harmonious and a layered chorus and then slowly builds with more elements throughout the song and teases us with an abrupt end shortly after the 2 minute mark which is a nice tease of a track. The lyrics continue to leave us mesmerized which is part of the appeal of this artistic enigma.

There still is not much known about the mysterious hd hausmann except that there actually is a Facebook page now, with the ingenious description of “we make music just for you, but only you…so keep it to yourself.”

Hopefully with the help of DVMP we can get an EP maybe, or an album and just because curiosity sometimes gets the best of us, one day hopefully a little more info about who hd hausmann really is and who all of his friends are. In the meantime, we will just sit here and patiently wait for the next single and hope it’s at least around the 3-minute mark.

Facebook: hd hausmann

Soundcloud: hd hausmann


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