Yesterday, UK producer and songwriter Tony Volker released Break and Reshape.  Volker’s music is influenced by a few different forces, citing John Hopkins and Thom Yorke as inspiration.  It’s really hard to tie Volker’s music down to a specific formula, which makes Break and Reshape one of the most varied listens of the year, despite only having five tracks.

The first track on Break and Reshape, “Kingdom of The Beasts” is a fairly stripped down track featuring electronic bass, with guitar and whispered vocals. The next track, “Disculpa Me” is a hypnotic build, and possibly the strongest track on the EP. “Impasse” is actually a gorgeous track with acoustic guitar and chilling harmonies. “Lines In The Sand” is another hypnotic track with some really strange vocals, and very stripped down instrumentals.  The final track on the EP, “I Guess You Know” ends the EP with a gorgeous build, with sweeping harmonies overpowering the rest of the instruments.

Connect with Tony Volker on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. You can pick up Break and Reshape on iTunes or 12” vinyl.


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