A little more than a year ago, one of the most popular songs of 2014 on both the electronic and pop charts was The Chainsmokers“#SELFIE”. I will admit that when that song hit the radio waves I thought it was silly – both in terms of it being just a silly song yet on the other hand clever in making fun of the selfie-obsessed culture we’ve become. Everywhere you turn, someone is taking a selfie and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, what have you. And the scenery could be of nothing. Fortunately, Alex Pall & Drew Taggart. who make up The Chainsmokers, agree, as they were surprised by how big the song became. The song was a joke, but instead it became a bonafide, chart-topping hit.

The NYC-based duo will forever be linked to that song. However, they’ve created some other cool tracks, and I say this as an individual who doesn’t really listen to much electronic or electronic-dance music. Their latest single, “Good Intentions”, which features BullySongs, is the polar opposite of “#SELFIE”. It’s an optimistic, introspective song that retains the jumping euphoria characteristic of The Chainsmokers’ music.

Pall and Taggart are currently on in the midst of a tour (they’re en route to Japan), but they took the time to be the authors of today’s Artiste 5, sharing with us five songs that make them think of summer and five original songs that break their hearts. Not only are these young producers easygoing, fun-loving guys, but they also have a softer side.

Read the list below and check out the tunes. A couple of tracks are from or involve some huge names in music, but most of the songs are from independent, unsigned, or smaller acts trying to make names for themselves. In many ways, this list has several “hidden gems”.

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The Chainsmokers’ Five Songs of Summer

Urban Cone ft. Tove Lo – “Come Back to me” (Filous Remix)

These guys are so sick! And with Tove Lo harmonizing and adding a verse, it’s unreal. Plus Filous is this incredible prodigy! Just an all around win!

Filous – Facebook  Twitter 
Urban Cone – Facebook  Twitter
Tove Lo – Facebook Twitter


Sirens of Lesbos – “Long Days, Hot Nights” (Claptone Remix)

This songs wreaks of summer… It just eases its way on into your ears and straight to your heart. Claptone is one fire…

Sirens of Lesbos – Facebook  Twitter
Claptone – Facebook Twitter


Life of Dillon – “Overload”

A new band that we have gotten close with from the UK. This is just a perfect summer vibe and the lead singer has the most amazing voice with his lisp.

Life of Dillon – Facebook  Twitter


Platinum Doug – “Brown Sugar” (Croatia Squad Remix)

I mean this bassline… its fucking ridiculous! If this doesn’t get your night grooving, you are depressed…

Platinum Doug – no social media but check out his stuff at Beatport
Croatia Squad – Facebook Twitter


Coleman Hell – “2heads”

New singer just signed to Columbia but love the blend of genres in this, folks and ballad and dance… plus the harmonics are insane… and his voice is incredible…

Coleman Hell – Facebook  Twitter


5 Songs of That Make The Chainsmokers Sad


Alessia Cara – “Here”

This girls voice just cuts right through you, and we love the subject of the song… its just a really real song…

Alesia Cara – Facebook  Twitter


cln – “Hold Me”

Hard to convey sadness so beautifully and this song really does that in a soft way…

cln – Facebook  Twitter


Mike Posner – “Took a Pill in Ibiza”

Not the track you would imagine… glad to see him back and his lyrics in this really hit home about some truths…

Mike Posner – Facebook  Twitter


Drake ft. Beyoncé and Sam Houdini – “Can I”

SO dark, but cmon bey and drake on a track there is no way this is going to go wrong…. and the way he pitches his voice is dope af…

Drake – Facebook  Twitter


I Am Karate – “Bloom”

Love these two Swedish girls… really incredible melody and the way the song develops as it moves towards its ending is very clever…

I Am Karate – Facebook  Twitter


The Chainsmokers’ Tour Dates

Jun 03 Orca Nagoya, Japan Tickets
Jun 04 Gravity Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tickets
Jun 05 Zouk Singapore, Singapore Tickets
Jun 06 Electro Run Jakarta, Indonesia Tickets
Jun 06 Blowfish Jakarta, Indonesia Tickets
Jun 12 Hakkasan Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Jun 13 Foam Wonderland Denver, CO Tickets
Jun 20 Firefly Music Festival Dover, DE Tickets
Jul 04 Fvded In The Park Surrey, Canada Tickets
Jul 05 Hakkasan Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Jul 25 Tomorrowland Boom, Belgium Tickets
Jul 29 Wet Republic Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Aug 01 Veld Music Festival Toronto, Canada Tickets
Aug 02 Lollapalooza Chicago, IL Tickets
Aug 09 Hakkasan Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Aug 12 Wet Republic Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Aug 14 Story Miami Beach, FL Tickets
Aug 15 Life In Color Corpus Christi, TX Tickets
Aug 23 Hakkasan Las Vegas, NV Tickets

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