For our CoverBack Thursday we have a re-work of a famous pop song by Britney Spears. Before you pre-judge, please know that we wouldn’t be posting a cover of a Britney Spears song unless it was absolutely amazing and completely different, which this version is.

MIYNT is from Stockholm Sweden and not much is  known about her except that she has an awesomely smokey voice and only two current tracks on soundcloud. The “Baby One More Time” cover is almost haunting and her voice does remind of Lana Del Rey.

If you honestly haven’t ever heard of Britney Spears which you might be dead, or living under ar rock – you wouldn’t even know it is one of her songs by the way it is composed and sung. We hope to hear more from MIYNT and it’s covers like these that need to be shared, so we are glad to have a weekly feature to do just that.

What do you think of the cover? We hope to hear more from MIYNT, until we do – just keep hitting repeat. The other track on SoundCloud is titled and is a little more synth driven than this lovely dreamy version of Baby One More Time.




Facebook: MIYNT

twitter: @itsmiynt

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